This year our Stewardship Season will once again take place during the month of May and will focus on how we use our time. When we consider the Christian giving of time we are encouraged to think about how we use all of our time.


Time for Family and Friends : In what ways does time spent with family and friends enrich our lives ? How important is it for us to incorporate this aspect when we prioritise our use of time ?


Time for Work : What benefits do we gain from spending time working ? How is our life/work balance affected when too much of our time is spent working or when there is no opportunity to work ?

Time for Rest and Recreation : You shall love your neighbour as yourself.  This commandment was emphasised by Jesus. How does time for rest and relaxation differ from time spent with family and friends ?


Time for Church : How do we use our time to support the work of the Church ? Does the Church make the best use it can of our time ? If not, what could be done to ensure that our gift of time could be used in a better way ?


Time for God : Why are public worship and private devotions necessary ingredients for a healthy life ? In what ways is time for God different from time for Church ? Should time for God be a time when we are busy, or should we set aside busyness and stop doing ?