Session Clerk Report - March 2017


Where do you start when
taking on a new role? You start at the very beginning, it’s a very good place
to start…..
It is a great privilege and honour to be appointed as your Session Clerk and I hope and pray that I can
serve you and Westpark to the best of my ability.

I would firstly pay tribute to Betty, I know that others have also paid tribute however it is slowly dawning on me already just how much a Session Clerk does that goes unnoticed, a bit like the iceberg where you only see the small part that is above the water line. Betty has served our Church well over the years and has kept everything in order, no mean feat! I have been leaning on Betty as I feel my way into the role and will probably continue to do for a while yet as I learn the do’s and don’ts.

I mentioned recently at Sunday worship that I had been uplifted greatly by the support that many people had shown to me and my family during our bereavement and how this was one of the many great strengths of our Church and how as a family we gather round each other and show Gods love when it is most needed and to quote one of the messages in a card, “no words, just love”.
Other strengths include the huge range of talents that we possess which enable us to not only survive but indeed thrive as a Church of Gods people. This has been shown recently within the new communication group that has been formed with the aim of
providing new forms of communicating with the community and widening our reach to those who don’t know us so well and could find Gods love amongst us.
Recently we launched a Facebook page for those who use this form of communication and had our first Messy Church event, both new ventures which launched successfully.


As with anything in life, change is sometimes hard to take on board and accept however as a Church we need to evolve as our society evolves and to grow we need to embrace new ideas, but at the centre of this there is the unshakable unchanging belief that we are here to serve our Lord and reach out and spread his love throughout our community and beyond.

As I mentioned above, the successful Messy Church was one of the events prior to Christmas however there were several other events around this time and I will mention a few including a delightful nativity service by the children (and a few adults) which
beautifully told the story of Christmas in a modern way and thanks should go to the efforts by the kidzone staff and of course the children for their dedication,  In addition, the meditations over the course of the advent period were very powerful and designed to give us time to reflect at this key time in the Christian calendar. It would also be worth noting the annual Christmas card delivery service by the Boys Brigade which provided us with a very cost effective way of sending our local cards
whilst supporting our youngsters and helping with their fundraising.
As we move into the early part of the new year it is very busy for several of our office bearers not least the Treasurer who must prepare our accounts and submit them to the Accountant for auditing prior to our Annual Stated Meeting. In addition, all our records for the Church property etc. must be presented to Presbytery for attestation in March and I must thank Betty Harley for offering to complete this task whilst I adjust to the role. If Betty and Alison therefore look a bit frazzled then you can now understand why as neither task is an easy one!

It is always with great sorrow when we lose any of our Church family and we have had a number of our congregation pass away in the last year and we give thanks for their life and their service to the life of the Church however this is balanced by the great
joy we have when new members join our congregation and recently it was great to admit both Sheila and David Wandrum by resolution of the Kirk Session as members of Westpark Church and to know that although they have crossed many thresholds of Churches in many different places they feel drawn to think of Westpark Church as home and we look forward to worshipping with them in the years to come. In addition, on Sunday 12th February Glenda Young was admitted by profession of faith as a member. These may be small numbers but nevertheless important as we grow. I witnthusiasm of so many people and the range of fresh ideas that they bring.

Let us look forward in faith!

Yours in Christ

Campbell (Session Clerk)