Who we are

Denny Westpark Church is part of the Church of Scotland and we welcome everyone to our services and church activities

Where we are

Our church is on the north side of Duke Street, Denny, 400m due West from traffic lights at Denny Cross.

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History of our church

Denny Westpark Church resulted from the amalgamation of Denny Broompark Church and Denny West Church in 1963.The newly united congregation met in the building previously used by Denny West Church. Broompark Church had its origins in a group of seceders who left Denny Parish Church in 1738, meeting for worship first of all at Lochgreen Farm, Falkirk, before moving to what is now Bonnybridge. In 1743 some members moved to Dennyloanhead where they built a new Church. In the early 1770s, the remaining Denny members began to express an interest in building their own Church, but it was not until 1787 that this Church opened as an Associate Burgher congregation, referred to in the Session Book of 1793 as the "Burgher Place of Worship at Denny", originating from the first Secession of 1733 and the Breach of 1747. The Session minutes of 1844 refer to the United Associate Session (of the United Associate Synod of the Secession Church). The Church was known as Denny United Presbyterian Church from 1847 until 1900, as Broompark United Free Church from November 1900 until November 1929, and as Broompark Church of Scotland from December 1929 until its union with Denny West Church in October 1963.Denny West Church had its origins in the Disruption of 1843, when a group of members left Denny Parish Church to form Denny Free Church, meeting first of all at Risk Farm, Dunipace, before erecting a Church building at Duke Street, Denny. Plans to renovate this building in the late 1890s were eventually superseded by the decision to erect a completely new building, which opened in 1900 as Denny United Free Church. Following the Union of 1929 this Church became known as Denny West Church of Scotland, retaining this name until its union with Broompark Church in 1963 to become Denny Westpark Church of Scotland.